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Data is beautiful - An Experiential Art Portfolio

The Future of Experiential Art

Endangered Scales


To spread awareness to the wider world about the life at threat in our oceans and rivers using art. The visual is an artistic representation of how a machine dreams using the color/textures dataset input with the power of AI/ML algorithms.

What is Data Art?

Data Art is an emerging field that uses data and creativity to tell impactful and engaging stories. It has endless marketing applications and helps people connect with data stories on an emotional level. Data Art adds value when it comes to:

Enhanced Storytelling | Memorable Branding | Increased Engagement

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Data Art | Immersive | Interactive | Real-time

Conference, Event, Exhibition, Trade Show, Keynote, Campaign, Conclave, Summit, Launch, Employee Engagement, Office Branding, Client Experience Centre

Project: Data Garden

This concept conjures an image of a lush landscape, where, in place of typical plants, data rises and flourishes. Drawing on this analogy, success KPIs can be represented as thriving flowers, emblematic of growth and sustenance.


Imagine any relatable use case where data points are no longer just numbers on a spreadsheet but instead transformed into stunning visual representations that tell a compelling story. Data Artifacts can help us break through the noise, capture attention, and create a lasting impact.

Data Art for Impact | Say NO to war

Through a captivating data art piece, the fluid and boundless nature of animal migration is depicted, challenging the rigid lines of human-made borders. This artwork serves as a poignant reminder of the interconnectedness of life on Earth, urging us to reflect on the ongoing geopolitical conflicts and emphasizing the universal message of peace and unity.