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He possesses an unwavering passion for the convergence of storytelling, datasets, and human behavior understanding, all dedicated to crafting immersive experiences. With a background in Industrial Design from the esteemed National Institute of Design, he has embarked on a personal project known as 'Data+Art.' Through this endeavor, he explores the innate beauty concealed within data and endeavors to convey the intricacies of computational thinking.

What distinguishes his approach is his adeptness at articulating artistic ideas with structured and logical precision, much like the meticulously coded instructions that drive a computer. This thought process, widely recognized as computational thinking, draws from advanced mathematics, algorithm development, and logic—a methodology well-known to software engineers and computer programmers as they navigate complex problem-solving.

His creative journey, however, takes a captivating turn within the realm of computational thinking. The result is a profound paradigm shift in the way he perceives the world. His artworks strive to evoke a sense of otherworldliness, achieved through the manipulation of generative particles governed by unconventional physics. This artistic path ventures beyond the familiar 'sci-fi' aesthetics, using simulations infused with higher-dimensional geometries that defy the bounds of reality.

At the core of his artistic vision lies the concept of 'storytelling' with data—a pathway that transcends conventional modes of expression, whether through words or visuals. His quest is to engage audiences in narratives that go beyond mere visual observation, allowing them to delve into the rich tapestry of historical stories woven within datasets. Through this approach, almost anything encountered in daily life can be transformed into a living, experiential story.

It's crucial to acknowledge that his perspective underscores the limitations imposed by human sensory perception when it comes to art. As such, he refrains from hasty conclusions about what art entails. He firmly believes that art has the potential to transcend the boundaries of current understanding, ushering in new, unexplored realms of creative expression.

About founder: My name is Ameen Insan, and I am a data visualization expert and generative artist based in India. I specialize in creating unique and original data visualizations and data artworks on a variety of topics, using a data-driven approach and generative 3D rendering techniques. My work explores complex systems, bio-morphism, and abstract concepts, drawing inspiration from the data itself. I grew up in a small town in South India and received my degree in product design from the National Institute of Design.

I launched 'Data is Beautiful' with the aim of making data more accessible to everyone by presenting it in a visually appealing and comprehensible manner. Concurrently, my goal was to introduce art into the world of business, to enhance audience engagement and storytelling in an unprecedented way.

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-Ameen Insan

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